Giolliano and Rachelle Rachelle / Giolliano
I'm a web developer

Feel free to contact me if you have any web queries/jobs you'd want to get done.

Calling me 'julian' is fine by me :) that's what I use when I order coffee !

About Me A Little About Me

I've been working as a web developer for the last 6 years, residing in Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently working at a Web Agency in Williamstown.

My partner Rachelle is also a web developer, she's only been doing this since around 2015, I'd like to think I helped her as best as I could along the way.

I've had extensive experience with LAMP Stack and am currently trying to learn / use LEMP. I've developed a large number of Wordpress sites and I've been working with Magento since 2015.

I'm trying to continuously learn and improve each day, my employment history is available below:

Employment History Employment History